Custom Barrel's project

The Custom Barrel project was born from an idea by two young Cremonesi designers Paolo and Simone, who found themselves at Simone’s family farmhouse staring at a pile of old oil barrels when it the realized they could turn trash into treasure. Immediately after having found the sufficient space to work, they put their noses (and brains) to the creative grindstone.

They work consists of the finding, recycling, and restoration of used oil barrels for the eventual use as personalized home furniture and decoration.

In 2009, they completed their first custom barrel, a personalized Ford Mustang arm-chair. If you want to surround yourself in an original and personalized environment, please don’t hesitate to contact us. . . Surely we will be able to meet your wants and needs.

You can customize all colors, designs, and embroidery on all barrels. All requests will be appraised immediately upon it’s reception.